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Check this page often for news, updates, and photos of any adult bulldogs for sale or any retiring/retired AKC English and AKC French bulldogs who may be available.

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About Retiring Bullies:

From time to time, we may have adult bulldogs that are retiring and ready to go to a great forever home where they can continue to spend their lives with people who will love them as much as we do. These people are committed to providing them with care, safety, and love.English & French bulldogs will give you and your family countless years of joy, laughter, and devotion. Our idea of retirement planning for our bulldogs is providing them a good forever home where folks like you will experience the same joy and love that we have experienced and been blessed with!Retired bullies may not be bred.

About Adults for Sale:

On this page you will also find any adult bulldogs for sale. These bullies may or may not be available for breeding purposes, so be sure to check out the information below the photos if you are interested in showing or breeding rights.

Like our AKC English & AKC French bulldog puppies, we will do everything we can to ensure that our adult AKC bulldogs will be going to good homes. Bulldogs are loyal companions and they make excellent pets!Bulldogs require a little exercise, just like people, so you can take your bulldog with you for that nice walk. Don't forget the leash! Bulldogs are very social; they do well with children---and the grandchildren! Since bulldogs need minimal exercise, they are an excellent choice for small living areas too. Bulldogs don't fair well in the heat, so having a comfortable temperature is paramount to their health. What bulldogs do need is your commitment to keep up with their checkups and shots, their nutrition, their overall maintenance, and most of all - your commitment to love them.

Our adult English & French bulldogs are all AKC registered with outstanding pedigrees, with Champion bloodlines.Retired bulldogs come with a spay/neuter contract and are not available for breeding purposes. However, we sometimes have adult bulldogs that will be available for sale that can be bred and come with FULL registration. Please feel free to inquire.


If you are interested in purchasing an available adult bulldog, please contact us:




Prospective candidates will be screened and will have an opportunity to visit and play with their bulldog to ensure that he/she is just right for you before you take him/her home.Prices for our retired/retiring bulldogs vary.*

* Like our puppies, if you purchase a bulldog from us and find that you are unable to care for him/her, please contact us right away. Click here for more information on Bully Back Home. Pricing may be different for adult bulldogs for sale with full AKC registration that are not retired/retiring. A screening inquiry application is required.